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  • Matthew



    I’m in the very early planning stages of starting up a podcast.. but I have a technical question I’m struggling to get my head around.

    My podcast aims to interview people (athletes, business, entrepreneurs, etc) and find out what their ‘secrets to success’ are.

    To monetize my podcast, I want to cut out the ‘secrets to success’ section.. and make this only available to subscribing members (possibly via a WordPress membership plugin?).

    The podcast that doesn’t contain the ‘secrets to success’ section will be the one that I publish to the world via iTunes.

    What is the best way to achieve this?

    I was thinking of having two files (per podcast) – one ‘with’ the success secrets, and one ‘without’ the success secrets.. and using a WordPress membership plugin, allow access to the ‘success secrets’ file for subscribers only..

    Is this the best way / possible?


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  • Marios Alexandrou


    It seems you’ve already figured out a good solution. You probably already thought of it, but just in case not… I would also consider adding a message to the end of the free version letting users know about the full version and where to go to get it.

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