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  • Hello everybody!!
    I have run into so many problems with my wordpress multisite installation that I am confused about from where I should start. When I tried to log into the admin panel of my main website, then I got a message that the username that I was trying to access my website was not a valid one. I was very surprised to find this. Then I went to the password recovery page and reset my password using the e-mail address with which I installed wordpress. During this process I came to know that the username of my account associated with this e-mail address has changed to “r00t”. Who changed it to this? This is a mystery for me. Does it show some kind of hacking attempt? At that time I was running wordpress 3.0.
    I think it would be helpful to tell you at this point that I am actually running only two distinct blogs using the multisite install. One is the main website at: while the other one is found at:
    Now the problem is that although I have recovered the password for the account with username “r00t” and I have another account with the username “urdu” through which I can access the administration panel of the website present at the subdomain, none of these accounts show the options about the network administration. I thought that upgrading to the latest version of wordpress might fix this problem so I upgraded the site to wordpress 3.2.1 but the problem still persists. Clicking on the “Howdy [username]” link in both of the accounts gives only the “Your Profile” and “Logout” links.
    Anyone knows anything about it??
    Please Help…
    I am very disturbed due to this problem…
    If you want to know any further detail or information in order to help me then please tell me. I shall try my best to provide you with that‼
    Thanks in advance‼!
    – Anas

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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