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  1. deiblog1
    Posted 7 years ago #

    We've been having some trouble accessing our Admin functions and can't find a displayed API Key in the place where we were instructed to find it on the Admin profile page. I work for a company who had an employee (who is no longer here) set up our website and WordPress account. We want to be able to add the stats app to our site along with getting our Admin power back.

    The biggest problem is that we neither have the API number originally given or the original wordpress.com account UN and PW info. Pretty clueless I know but all the information that's needed was lost with the departure of the employee who set it up.

    I know it's not a quick fix but where can I start to fix the problem?

    Our site is http://snagwiremedia.com

  2. Your API keys are on wordpress.com. That's DOT COM. Not on your own site.


  3. deiblog1
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Yes, the problem is that we can't access the API key because we don't even know the original account username and PW associated with WordPress.com when the site (snagwiremedia.com) was built back in July. I've been trying to get into contact with someone at WordPress that might have that information but all my efforts direct me here.

  4. Well, then you're sorta screwed. You need at least the email address associated with the account to get the password and username back:

    Try their support form:

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