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  • there are 3 things I cannot find answer too…

    (1) I want to add a button to the menu bar and some pages as an element/block to take users to their own clan page.

    (2) as users can create more than 1 clan, how can I create the above link to give them option to choose which of their clan pages to go to?

    (3) I have done some testing and their appear to be no notifications showing such as when you get a challenge from other clans or users requests to join ect?

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    Sorry for incredibly late reply. WP-Clanwars does not support clan pages. It would be a good idea to make those and display match info + team members. I’ll add this to my to do list.



    My problem is that i can’t seem to figure out how to add people to a clan. It added me to the clan because i created it but it won’t let me add anyone else. Also, i can’t seem to figure out how to add a clan to a game. When you click the games it always says that there are no clans playing this specific game on the page.


    I managed to get to the page for the specific clan. In the backed, you will have a tab on the left that you can click on labeled “Clans” that is seperate from the “Clan Wars” one further down the list.
    When you click on this one, you can see a list of all clans created. Hover over the name and then click on “View”. This will take you to that clan page. You can even change the background to be seperate from the main site background and it changes automatically. I have visual composer as well so i can drop match and forum thread boxes in it as well.

    the url comes out to be something like this:


    Possibly you can just creat a text link that you can shove into the menu to link to that particular clan.

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