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  1. xsn0w
    Posted 5 years ago #

    We want our multi-site buddypress install to be accessible from both: http://epilepsyflorida.com and a http://epilepsyu.com (without a Frame or HTTP redirect). I have got "PS WP Multi Domain" plugin working on a single installation on the dev site here: http://develop.iyoshiblog.com and http://domainmirror.iyoshiblog.com It rewrites wp-config.php on the fly. I am aware of the consequences of dup content on the search engines and plan on implementing a robots.txt to prevent one one of the URLs from being indexed. Do you know of any way to make this happen?

    Thanks responders! (and special thanks to Andrea_r)

  2. This plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ps-wp-multi-domain/ ?

    That's not a MultiSite plugin at all (and not updated since 2009). I couldn't begin to debug it, but at a guess, it's just not updated for MultiSite.

    You could TRY activating it per site, but you're on your own.

  3. xsn0w
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks Ipstenu!

    I am aware of the fact of how old it is and that it was never intended for MU, but it does in fact still work for a single install. ( I have already tried enabling it per-site with no success) I am looking for an alternative to this plugin, I have heard of the WPMU dev Multi Domains plugin, but have no Idea if it will do what I need it to do, and cannot even ask a question in their forums without shelling out at least $79. This project is for a non-profit and I am trying to reduce the cost as much as possible.

    Any other suggestions for allowing access from multiple domains on MultiSite core?

  4. I didn't say it doesn't work on SingleSite, I said it's old (accurate) and it wasn't written for MultiSite (also accurate). in fact, it was written before we even HAD a MultiSite.

    Generally ... people don't map two domains to the same WP install and have them BOTH work, because it confuses users. Parking a domain (so foo1.com/longurl kicks back to foo.com/longurl) is de rigueur.

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