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    hi i have an issue with firefox and to play video on my wordpress blog.

    here is the side that has the problem:

    i put an jw player on the side and the video is working on safari, chrome and explorer.

    if i wanna play it on firefox it requiers the ftp server password.

    the videos on the ftp server has all put on 777 so that this cant be the problem and the problem is only on firefox.

    It only happens with the videos in the format webM that the password is requiered.

    Any idea or experience with that ?

    cheers for your help


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  • Shekhar


    I just checked your website and it is not working on any browser.



    Than i am even more confused i just checked it and i can open it on my android tablet for example but if i use firerox it is not working, i also checked on the mac and it is working there as well and checked it on the mobile opera version here it is working as well again only firefox requires a password if i put it in it is playing as well but i do not understand why

    Cheers frank



    solved i used two different data pathes to upload the external links.

    thanks and closed

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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