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  • Apologies for dummy/newbie question, but how can I make some posts readable only by registered users, and some to be public? I don’t want to have to password protect individual posts.

    If I could make the SUMMARY public but not the “read more…” that would be the ultimate!

    Thnx in advance,

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  • Found a good solution for me, at least, at well that wasn’t so hard after all!

    Well, I thought I found the answer, but alas not. The above will not prevent a post being found and accessed by a Search command or being listed in Recent Postings.

    What I would really like is an “Access Denied” capability if the viewer is not authorised.

    Any ideas???

    I’ve considered making a new site and I need to control which pages/posts different users can see. I was playing with the idea of base the site on WordPress but as far as I understand things it’s not possible to have this control in WP?

    Am I correct in this assumption?

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