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  • Hi

    Long time WP user but first time I was tasked at doing something like this…

    Want a site that has many many pages/posts. Each post/page/whatever will can go out to everyone, a specific group of users, or several different groups. They might end up having 5-10 groups of users.

    So you will only see things you have access to and when you search you will only show search results based on access.

    I have tried buddypress teamed with s2member… This works but only kind of. S2member basically provides levels. Under my current situation the site owner may not want a post seen by the “highest” membership level… The site owner has very good reasons for setting things up like this so I can’t go back to him and tell him to change things.

    Also there is no paying for these levels onine. This is a big company that handles big contracts, handled off line. So the user would be set up in house or at the very least the user’s access would be set up in house after they register.

    Anyone know of a plugin that would handle this well? Better than s2member?


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