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  • Hi,

    firstly, thank you for a great plugin. We’ve been using it for a long time and we love it here at Berrolia.

    A lot of our customers use the Express Checkout feature. There’s a problem with that, though. Usually, a user expect that after clicking “Pay” on the PayPal site the transaction is complete. This is not true here. User is redirected back to our site and only after ticking “accept terms and conditions” is the transaction successfully completed.

    We realized that we are loosing some % of clients, becausethey think they’ve completed the transaction, while in reality they did not (they did not tick “accept” after having been redirected).

    Maybe you could think of another solution? Like putting “accept” checkbox at the very beginning, near the Paypal Express button. The button itself would become active only after the checkbox is checked? Just an idea.

    Kind regards

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  • Plugin Author angelleye


    I see what you’re saying, and we’ll definitely take note, but that sort of gets beyond the scope of our plugin, and you are the first person to ever bring this up, though, so I can’t say it’s going to be a very high priority.

    I have to say, too, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a terms and conditions requirement just to add an item to the cart or checkout from a product page via PayPal. That might cause more harm than good because it could be confusing to potential buyers.

    I think in most cases people are fine going through a review page to accept terms and anything else that may need to be done there. In your case, that’s the only thing that needs to be done there, but again, I just think it would be odd to add it to the product button.

    There’s always a way to get what you want done, though. For example, what you could do is write a small hook into WooCommerce directly to simply disable the Terms and Conditions requirement when the Express Checkout gateway is being used.

    If you’re worried about them accepting that in that case, then what you could actually do is enable the billing agreement option in Express Checkout, which would then add a terms and conditions regarding that agreement in the Express Checkout payment pages. So you sort of get the same affect, but that agreement may or may not say exactly what you want it to say.

    So again, we’ll look into it more, and I appreciate the feedback. These are just my initial thoughts. I’ll have our devs take a look and see what they think, but again, it may be a little while before we focus on it. Plenty of other more pressing issues in the list right now.

    Ok, thanks for the reply. When I talked to a few people, it was obvious for all of them that after having clicked “pay” at PayPal page the transaction is complete. But, again, maybe this is still a minority.
    Thanks, anyway 🙂

    Plugin Author angelleye


    If you want to stick with the terms and conditions then I would recommend you simply disable the “skip review” option in the plugin settings. Since T&C forces the review anyway, it’s overriding that option.

    If you don’t enable that option then the button at PayPal would say “Continue” instead of “Pay Now” so maybe that would help.

    just so you know, i am having the same concern as @macek3. to me this is important because I sell hand-made iteams

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