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  • Hi.

    I’m using the Punchcut theme for my media review site Bullet Reviews, and lately it’s been giving me a lot of problems. As in, the past hour.

    See, in reviewing films, I tend to use words like ‘dénoument’ and ‘cliché,’ which both have accent marks. The names of actors also tend to have these accent marks. But as of an hour ago, for whatever reason, at any point I use an accent mark, all subsequent text is deleted, including that mark.

    So for example, in my review of the film Splice, when I reached actress name Delphine Chanéac, the post read all the way up to ‘Delphine Chan’ and deleted everything else.

    I’ve used three browsers while editing my post — Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, all latest version — and no matter which one I do, or whether I input the accent mark in the HTML or Visual editors, the same thing always happens.

    Is it the theme I’m using? The font? What the heck is going on?

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  • And now, for whatever reason, it seems to do the same with end brackets that don’t have subsequent full stops.

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