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  • This plugin has surprised me with failure and changes on updates more than any other. I now have to keep manual event listings after getting burned by this plugin. Getting support from them is challenging. When I log into my MT account, the support is a confusing maze, and then ends up giving me one option: Pre-sales. So I submit my question and they reply by telling me they won’t answer it because I have an account.

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  • Plugin Contributor Clifford Paulick


    Hi, @jampr

    Sorry for the confusion with our own support forums. We replied to your 2nd posting there just now, within 1-2 business days, as we state in our support terms

    We attempt for our articles and site navigation to be helpful, but with many product offerings it can be difficult to find the exact answer you’re looking for sometimes. We’re continually aiming to improve in this area.

    Specific to this review for the free/core The Events Calendar plugin, could you please explain exactly what you mean about surprising you with failure and changes on updates? Examples of getting “burned” would be helpful as well so we can try to avoid such situations in the future.

    Thank you for the reply. I tried to reply to you over at your site and I couldn’t figure out how to reply to the thread and I don’t have more time to waste on this. Since you wouldn’t answer my question because it was in “pre-sales,” I logged into my account as you instructed. I DO have your plugins. I even searched the forum topics again to make sure I couldn’t find my answer while inside the account. After all of that, I STILL only had an option to submit a pre-sales question in the drop down. This shouldn’t be so difficult.
    Here are my examples of how I got burned by this plugin: After an update, the attendee list disappeared and I had to search through my payments to find everyone that purchased the events. Now I have to keep a manual listing to avoid that again. Sometimes after updates, the formatting would change and my page would no longer look the same even though it was built into a child theme, so I’d have to pay a designer to fix it. After an update, Buy Now buttons appeared on my page. In paying a designer to change that, all ability to purchase an event stopped working, which I found out the hard way. More designer cost to put that back, not to mention lost sales.
    One benefit of this challenge, is that in all of my searching to submit my question, I found that you have code to stop your automatic email. It has caused a lot of confusion for my clients.

    Plugin Contributor Clifford Paulick


    In your initial Pre-Sales Forum message, you said you already had Event Tickets Plus, and you were asking a technical question (if it has to be installed in the same site/domain/directory as WooCommerce).

    This is why I asked you to ask your thread in the premium forums instead. Because your Event Tickets Plus license was expired, you were unable to. This was the missing information that, if I had it, would have caused me to NOT ask you to create a new thread in the paid forums.

    Regarding any updates and getting burned, that’s of course terrible and we never want such things to happen to our users. Because each site is independently managed, it’s up to each site owner to keep licenses current and plugins up to date. We also recommend both restorable backups and a staging/testing site for updates:

    Each of the other issues you mentioned would be things we’d address in our paid forums, for which you’d need a current license.


    In summary, communicating that you already have one of our premium plugins got me thinking to point you to our paid forums. Your issues/questions are things to be posted to our paid forums. This requires you to have a current license.

    You can renew your expired license(s) at

    Once you do so, please do post each of your outstanding questions there.


    Although there was some confusion along the way here, we’d surely appreciate you increasing your rating. Your review stated our support is abysmal and disgusting. I hope you can understand the initial thought process of how we got to where we are (miscommunication regarding expired licenses), and I hope you have experienced support that is far from these two adjectives.

    While I can understand you may not want to increase it to a 5-star review at this time–because of your frustrations using our plugins–hopefully we can agree that our plugins and support aren’t 1-star.

    Over time, hopefully you can keep your licenses current (especially easy with our new Subscriptions that renew automatically unless you disable this) and address each of your issues in the appropriate support channel (paid forums, not Pre-Sales or As we improve our reputation with you, we’d hopefully earn your increasing this review to 5-stars.

    I increased my rating.

    Plugin Contributor Clifford Paulick


    Thanks for 2 stars instead of 1.

    Hopefully, over time, we can improve enough for your rating to increase. To do so, since your questions are regarding the paid versions, you’ll need to have current licenses and submit questions via our paid forums.

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