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  • You should contact the webhost or ISP of the server on which those 2 bug posts are present. give them proof that your post is older than those posts and those 2 copied posts have your link as reference without your permission.

    OK that is like one of the weirdest things i have ever seen. They sure look like they are obvious spam sites. The urls look like they would be connected with track back spam. But why would they echo the posts of all of the sites they are stealing without even showing any adds or popups – unless my filters didn’t turn off when I told them too, there are no ads on their sites. But if you go to their actual domain, there’s a directory of all of the sites they are leaching!

    It looks like they are getting their feed from technorati…

    Not sure what I’d try for this. Maybe an .htaccess block but i don’t think that would work…

    wrote ARIN an abuse mail
    does this help?

    informed technorati about this bug posts, as the buggers used technorati tags to find posts

    Let us know if anything comes of this… I kind of doubt it though… I think it is what it is.

    I had the exact same thing happen to me! Users told me it was just trackback spam but I didn’t think it was. If there is some security we need to change please let me know, as the bug posts of mine looked exactly (same layout and everything) that yours have.

    I am having a spam problem on my blog. At first I was getting spammed on my comments pages below each entry….Viagra, stuff like that. So I closed all comments on all my posts, and I’m getting messgaes from my blog emailed to me that there are comments on my blog to manage. How are they able to gain access to my comment forms, when I have my comments turned off? This has become a daily event. I use the spam icon in my manage page each time. Any ideas how to thwart these folks?

    Here is one of the spammers links that came in the email from my blog. Its about cheap drugs and gambling.

    Everyone who has a blog deals with this sort of spam. I highly recommend you upgrade to WordPress 2. Preferably 2.0.4. This will allow you to use the Akismet plugin which will eliminate almost all of this automatically.

    Others also need to employ Dr. Dave’s SpamKarma2 plugin to catch any left over spam.

    I think you’ll find using Akismet will work wonders for you.

    Found both buggers, see map here :
    found phone nr and adress as well, now let’s face the judge…

    those ip lookups aren’t always very reliable. which one did you use?

    This IP of also hit my site today. Left a comment but when I followed the link came to a site, then my PC promptly shut down and rebooted. Checked and cleaned everything and all is fine. But this site IP seems to be coming from Austin, Arkansas (

    Just wanted to get 2 cents in here.

    News: both bugblogs were deleted or the adress was changed…


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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