• If you were looking for a simple way to restrict certain pages by user role, don’t waste your time unless you plan on paying. They literally only included the most basic features most of which you can already do with WP by default. The way these plugin developers rope you in with their “free plan” but give you every useless feature, only allowing you access just up to the point of making the plugin useful then they hit you with the Must Upgrade. If they would make these plugins usable and make the more advance stuff requiring an upgrade, I might pay for some, but they make the free versions look good in the description then you install them, DENIED. Worse, when you go to delete the plugin that doest work as you thought, they don’t clean up after themselves and leave crap all over your database! ARGH!

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    We have to spend lot of time and effort to build a plugin. So we have provided the features that we can provide for free. You are not paying anything. You can just try and remove it if it doesnt match your requirements. There are plenty of other plugins. if another plugin provides better features in free version you can use it. Please don’t blame something that you get for free.

    Also you didnt like it doesnt mean that the plugin is useless. By providing such review you are removing the chances of others using the plugin for their requirements.

    When providing a review, please backup your points with evidence. I have no clue which restriction features WordPress provides by default. We would love to know them.

    Also there is no stage where it becomes must upgrade. We provide all the features mentioned in free version and there is no need to get PRO version. We dont make free version look good. Everything is clearly explained. Also we have listed all the pro features clearly. So if its clearly defined, its our right to decide which features to use in free version. You wanted a feature in PRO version doesnt mean that free version is bad.


    This plugin is very performant and free

    Many possibility to restrict content and it’s very good

    Thx Nimesh for this plugin, it is great

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