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  • I heard the functionality of this plugin will be included in the core of WordPress. Please don’t do it or many users will not use any more WordPress. If it will be included in the core, on my opinion WordPress will loose many users.
    It should remains as a plugin, so people will be free to decide if they want to use it, I can imagine some people could like it. But if you see how many bad reviews about this plugin, you can realize that including it in the core, you would do something without taking in account the WordPress users opinion. Please don’t include it in the core!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Jose.
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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    First, thanks for taking the time to leave a review as feedback shapes this product. Just to make you aware there is the classic editor plugin which can turn off Gutenberg, you may be aware but it’s worth mentioning. That said, is there anything you would like from Gutenberg in core?

    @karmatosed, I understand that after working hard on the Gutenberg project it’s really not nice to read comments as mine. I really think that Gutenberg is not so bad as a plugin, and I’m sure people could like it. As soon as I realized it will be integrated in the core I thought it was important to give a review. I think that I hadn’t done it if I didn’t know that, and probably also other people has done as me. So probably many bed reviews are against the fact that it will be integrated in the core, it’s a message that says: please not in the core. I love WordPress because it gives place for everyone. If you don’t know anything about code, you can build a website using themes and plugins. If you are an expert you can work in the core or as plugins or themes author. Introducing Gutenberg in the core you take out the place for all the people who has based their business and maybe their life creating page builders, or themes and plugins that will be broken with Gutenberg. This is for me not in line with WordPress. I understand that you want to improve the text editor, but many plugins have already done it. Maybe you could automatically install and activate Gutenberg at every WordPress installation, but I would let it as plugin. If it really comes in the core at WordPress 5, many business will be destroyed.
    If it is integrated in the core, for how long time will the classic TinyMCE be available? I suggest to add a button to switch to the old editor, without any needs to install another plugin to deactivate Gutenberg. I have seen that if you don’t use a filter it’s impossible to see the old editor, so people who don’t know the code have to install a plugin to deactivate it.

    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @giuse thanks for your reply and consideration. It’s true hearing feedback isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile. All feedback matters and that’s the approach everyone making Gutenberg has taken.

    It’s worth adding context that these reviews haven’t reset at a point, they have been around for the life of the project. That said, all reviews count and they are being listened to. I appreciate from your position that you really want to not have this within core, but there are going to be options when 5.0 comes out to not only help the transition but also allow those that choose to not have the new experience. Whilst saying ‘forever’ is something none of us can say, the classic editor plugin is planned to be around for a long time, that isn’t going anywhere.

    One point worth noting is with Gutenberg a few new revenue streams do open. For example blocks and extending the interface in ways before not possible. This does bring some exciting opportunities. I mention this as you say about the market place. Everyone making Gutenberg is making it with the intent of improving not restricting. That’s also why reviews are responded to, documentation written and fallbacks like the classic editor will be maintained.

    @karmatosed thanks to you for replying. I still don’t agree that Gutenberg will be included in the core. But this is only my opinion, nobody can say what is absolutely right or not right. The true is only related to our believes and situation. We will see what happens when it’s in the core (as I understand it will be included in the core in any case). In any case I wish you all the best for this project, I really hope I’m getting wrong about Guttenberg and everybody will be happy, we will see.
    I just ask you a last question, would it be possible to have a core function that transform a classic shortcode to a block? I mean something that looks like wp_from_shortcode_do_block( ‘shortcode_name’ ). In this way the transition would be a lot easier for all that plugins that are based on a lot of shortcodes. The plugins authors would make their plugins very easily compatible to Gutenberg in this case. Maybe it will not be the best function in terms of performance, but for the transition period it would be a very big help. All the best and have a nice day.

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