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  • Hi all, I decided to use some technics explained by Douglas Bowman in his article about “Making the absolute relative” to position the menubar in my blog. (
    The article talks about positioning a block absolutely inside a relative one, to make the inner div to be always attached to the bottom (in the example) of the containing div. I added the necesary statments in my CSS… It all looked fine when seeing it on Win/IE6 but i know better, IE doesnt render things the way it should (oddly in this case it did) .. I checked the page on firefox, Safari and Mac/IE5.5 and the menu bar is displaying incorrectly (it should be attached to the bottom, so that both orange borders match).
    I checked and double checked the css.. but havent been able to find the problem. Anyone has any ideas?

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  • The problem is the containing

      (#navBar) is using a default height so the

    • are just stuck at the top while the bottom of the
        is right where you want it to be. Try setting a height.
        height: 27px;
        That fixed it for me.
        FYI: Mozilla and Firefox come with an amazing webpage analyzer called DOM Inspector. It tells you everything there is about elements, page layout, javascript properties, and applied css rules.

    Root: … I dont think that the problem is solved by the box model hack since it is already implemented (all the voice-family statments) but its worth re-checking it… heheh… hadnt noticed it doesnt add up … and i call myself an engineer pfff
    thnx stevarino… .. the height is set to be as tall as the header so that if the user changes the font size, it will still display no matter how bigger it is set.. ill try your suggestion and post back the results ..
    thank you both for your time..

    I do not know if this is anything to do with your problem. Prolly not. But the BH does require careful calculation. No point in a fancy hack and doing the sums wrong. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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