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  • lenwbrown


    I sell close to 100 inventory items (multiples of each) on eBay. They are mainly plants and special potting soil mixes, etc.

    Obviously some are seasonal. Since my site is not used as a business but for additional information on the items I sell, it has been extremely frustrating for me to manually add and remove items from a list or to maintain nearly 100 individual pages since I don’t want people to see stuff I am not currently selling (so they don’t ask why I’m not selling it when it’s on my for sale page!).

    Using this shortcode and a few other text entry tricks I can now easily make any item on the list “vanish” and “appear” when I need to without having to go in and add and remove entire blocks of text all the time.

    Truly an awesome plugin and I must admit, with the kind of people I often see giving 1-stars for some of the best plugins on here, I am shocked (and thrilled) to see you have so far succeeded in maintaining 100% 5-star ratings. Of course, your plugin certainly deserves every 5-star rating it gets!

    Not many people write “single purpose” or so-called “limited” plugins any more and that is a shame. More complexity = more likely to suffer problems = more likely to need to be constantly updated as WordPress is updated.

    So thanks for keeping it simple and thanks for providing a plugin that is one I can safely say will always be added to any site I work on from now on.

    Now I need to sell some more stuff on eBay so I can send you a PayPal donation. Totally worth it to me!

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  • lenwbrown


    You know, now that I think of it, if there was one thing that could be added, a toggle would be incredible. I could then place a default shortcode around each item on the page, then when logged in as admin and looking at the page, I could simply toggle individual items on and off.

    But that is a huge undertaking I’m sure, and surely would result in plenty of people finding compatibility issues too.

    But if there were a way to toggle a default shortcode then that would be, well, wow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plugin Author Andrés Villarreal


    Hi lenwbron, thanks for all your kind comments; I’m really glad you found the plugin useful ๐Ÿ™‚

    The toggle option is in the scope for a future version of the plugin; I just haven’t found the time to add it yet.





    Thanks for your reply!

    Ah, time is such an elusive beast! I never can find enough of that either! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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