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  • Works like a charm. I had tried several other “Loop” type of plugins to display a list of posts, pages, etc. .. and this one works wonderfully. When I combined it with the ajax paging ( .. it added in exactly what I wanted. I just don’t understand why the addon isn’t built into the core plugin since it is (in most cases) going to be required in most situations (at least that’s my opinion). So I’m looking forward to the combining of both this ajax paging with the core plugin. (I’d also appreciate thoughts on this from anyone else.)

    Then, when you combine the functionality and the ability to control (using a wide number of supported tags, plus HTML and CSS), the control is tremendous. The “Notes” found at were a blessing. It really made the implementation of this plugin easy and customizable. (Note to the developer .. it would be wonderful if there was a way to drag and drop these items or see them listed in a drop down menu, etc. from within the plugin itself. Love to see this incorporated some how.)

    Thanks for the development of this plugin and for your continued work.

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