• I bought the WooPayments add-on to extend my usage of WP-Members on the strength of two things: (1) As I set up a revamped site and prepared it for subscriptions, I set up WooCommerce and WooPayments because it all seemed professional and efficient; (2) I decided on WP-Members based on Chad Butler’s name recognition that I associate with many years of WordPress professionalism.

    I have not been disappointed even though at one stage I wondered whether I should have gone for one of the bloated plugins that brag of multiple drag-and-drop form building and features that I did not see mentioned upfront in the WP-Members documentation. It seemed to me that everything I needed to implement would depend on “support”.

    Yes, you have to cut and past a lot of code snippets to perfect your implementation but the real problem in my view is the way the user manual is presented in pieces and not the basic possible functions of WP-Members. All the features in the heralded plugins are available, yet here seems to be a need for a good old time procedural manual in the style perfected by Microsoft: 

    “This is the most popular or likely use case. To do so-and-so do:

    1. X
    2. Y
    3. Z”

    The plugin author knows his stuff, is patient with customers and lavish with his support.

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