• I really can’t believe WP doesn’t have a function like this built in.
    This plug in is amazing! I have a lot of categories in my menus, and we all know just how awful and difficult it is to add an item manually.

    This plug in saved me a LOT of time and I can’t be grateful enough.

    One caveat to all who try it, if you are creating new categories, make sure you have at least one post or page linked to it or else it won’t appear.

    And another thing, the items will appear in the frontend menu, not in the menu admin page. So be aware of that and test simply hitting F5 in the home page.

    Also amazing support, I had problems figuring out the issues I detailed above, and they were extremely helpful via the support board, so kudos to that too.

    Thanks again for this lifesaver plug in!

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