• I have been a long-time user of the plugin “Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions”. This plugin used to be the best free plugin to clean/optimize the database.
    But over time the interface is very outdated and doesn’t provide quickly the information I needed. Besides I had to clean a database with an awful lot of “Orphaned Post Meta” and this plugin went to a white screen not showing what – or even if – is was doing.

    Then I found this free / paid alternative. The interface immediately provides in depth information about the status of the database. Fabulous. Cleaning the awful lot of “Orphaned Post Meta” that I mentioned before, took quite a while, but it shows a percentage progress. And even more important the plugin does this in small chunks to avoid time-out problems at the hosting server.

    I decided to go for the Pro (paid) version, because every time a developer makes a great plugin, I think he/she deserves the money when it is reasonable priced, like this one.

    Finally I am so glad that the Pro support is done by the developer himself. So no more service-desks with unknowing people telling you to try all things you already have done and then have to move it to a “tier-2” engineer…!

    The question I had for Jordy were clearly answered. More than 5 stars!

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Oh wow, thank you @mahyulan! That’s suuuuuuch a fantastic (fabulous) review! I am so glad that you encountered the same issue I also had with other cleaners, and that it resolved it!

    Can I use this review on my website as well? 🙂

    Thread Starter mahyulan


    Hello Jordy,

    Yes, of course.

    Kind regards,


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