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  • I recently update our blog from a theme called Shine. to a Woo theme called Headlines. I did do a category and tags revamp before doing this. It was okay. Then I updated the theme. None of the links work now.

    In General settings is named in word press address and site address. This blog is installed in the folder as a videoblog folder and then wp-content – and then themes,. I updated from a theme called Shine.
    Look now non of the front page links work. I can add new articles – and edit articles, But, when I click on a front page link I get a redirect loop.
    Please give me some idea of how to proceed. I have a 155 posts and I can see and edit them but I cannot preview them. When I edit a post on the front page however – it changes and the changes are visible.
    So what do I do – copy each post and categories and tags and do a new install in a different folder?


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  • try re-saving the permalinks
    admin – settings – permalinks

    Thanks I tried that – no go, that was one of the first things I tried. the last thing I just tried was setting it to custom structure – /%category%/%postname%/ – HAD absolutely no affect. Look you know more then me. I am getting desperate. I can see in the admin panel 153 posts – I can edit and resave the posts – the posts do change on the main homepage of the site. I have a backup from wordpress database backup – of the essential files. I know they are in MySql tables.
    What do I do next. ??? its frustrating cause I can see all the posts and edit them and the categories and tags and edit them too.

    her is what I just discovered. After reading this article

    and putting a period in the category base field under permalinks
    one of my links put in the IE8 browser address bar
    this link

    LOOKS good right? – well it displayed a Yahoo 410 error code page

    Now what?

    you have yahoo hosting?
    try this
    delete the wordpress .htaccess entirely
    do links work now?

    Hi Samuel – I cannot find the wordpress .htaccess file – I am in the 3.0 version – and I have looked through my whole folder of videoblog and cannot find it.

    you have to have one as you have the fancy permlinks
    if using ftp, set the client to “show hidden files”
    also, do you see it in the host file manager?

    I have Yahoo web host support online and they tell me there is no htaccess file, I am getting a 410 page gone yahoo error

    Yahoo webhosting says I do not have access to either of these files on this server – they are not on this server, its shared hosting, so if they exist then they exist – either on Woo Themes – which this an install of or on
    php.ini and htaccess files since its shared hosting
    The reason I am getting a redirect loop and a 410 Yahoo error is because the server keeps looking for the category files and cannot find them. so it keeps going in a loop.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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