• UPDATED 12/26/18: Ok, so this plugin author will NOT update his plugin. Contacted him to no avail. I solved the issue myself by deleting the plugin. Maybe the world has moved on, because the spam level is no worse, so it truly seems without worth. Except now I’m not plagued by warnings about the outdated work of a foolish programmer.


    It simply works without fanfare, dependably cutting a swath in the advancing line of spam by doing exactly what it purports to do. The plugin comes with the explanation that it does not address every kind of spam, just one very annoying common type.

    It’s also the easiest plugin possible, you just install and activate. No spam, no premium offers. Just a free service – thank you! Justin Tadlock is a respected programmer, and this quiet little plugin is an example why.

    Ok sure maybe I wish the plugin was updated more regularly/formally, just for administrative clarity, but the developer seems comfortable there isn’t need for alteration. I trust that is true, and indeed it still works!

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