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  • Okay, I’m totally lost. I can do HTML, but do I need much knowledge of php to implement my website layout at
    with WordPress? Also, the WordPress files are installed into a folder I called wordpress. Would the index2.html file need to be in that folder too? Does it need to be index2.php?
    I’ve tried sticking some PHP code into the layout, but I got nothing. If there’s another thread like this that someone else already posted, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Perhaps I can help. Many folks want something similar to this where they have a mock up in html first. The important thing to do first is get WP installed and up and running. Forget for a moment what it looks like. Then when it is installed you will see that WP runs of one single page / file – index.php. How it looks is controlled by that file to some extent and wp-layout.css. That is where you need to add the fancy bits from the mockup. But it is a mistake IMHO to think in terms of adding your html file or transferring the php loop unless you are very experienced. Follow the path suggested and each step will follow simply and logically.

    It’s possible. Check out the tutorials here. 🙂

    Ok thats cool. You are running. Returning to your first question the html model you have in mind would need some editing of the wp index file first if you want to get the CSS layout you want. You need to do that. Alternatively you might wish to consider a ready made template like Gemini Interface . It can be installed in minutes and will be a huge step forward in one go. Then by simply editing wp-layout.css we can add your blue fancy bits and graphics. Lets worry about separate pages separately.

    Codergurl, thanks for the link, I finally made it work!!! Check it out:
    I can’t seem to make the post content align=left… it centered itself for some mysterious reason.
    Root, thanks for all your advice. I’d still like to know how to add separate pages though, since now I understand how to implement WP into my templates. Thanks!

    uh.. your post content looks left aligned now. i assume you fixed it?

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