• I installed this plugin (free version) as a trial and was happy with the results until I started using Broken Link Checker to resolve dead links on the site.

    Every time I corrected a link it Tweeted. I must make it absolutely clear here this was NOT the fault of WP to Twitter.

    Obviously at the time I did not know that so I contacted Joe for support. He graciously assisted me despite that fact that it was not a paid version and I had not at that time donated. I have to say we were both scratching our heads. Joe could find nothing wrong and I had an error. Eventually Joe surmised that by unchecking the ‘Disable post modified date change when link is edited’ checkbox in Broken Link Checker it might cure the problem, his reasoning being ‘I’m thinking it could be that since the post modified date isn’t being changed, it’s using the same post modified date on the post that was already in place. If that post modified date is within 10 seconds of the publication date, then that will result in the post being treated as a new post.’

    I unchecked the box and no more erroneous Tweets.

    Joe put much head-scratching into this as he could not reproduce that error at his end so I thank him for his time, effort and frustration and congratulate him on coming up with the solution to a problem that was not, ultimately, of his making.

    Absolutely brilliant support and the plugin does exactly what it says on the tin!

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