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  • I am a Website Developer that loves convenience. I have used a ton of plugins throughout the years, and I must say that this is my first day to give AAM a test drive.

    I will not state the name of any of the plugins that I’ve used in the past, but let’s just say that I have always had to add my own personal code to the mu-plugins folder because they lacked many of the desired featured that I needed.

    There are many types of WordPress users, and WordPress can be very daunting to a new user. In the typical Administrator back-end the menu section alone can drive new users of WordPress into hysterics. If you allow a new user access to certain things they can screw up the site, not to mention a ton of other things that someone that has little or no knowledge of code could destroy. Limiting access to these features is of utmost importance to me while I host their site.

    I love the fact that AAM allows me the ability to create custom roles, this eliminates a number of plugins, or my hard-coding it for the client. My primary use for this plugin is what is offered for free. I’ve taken a look at some of the advanced features and though they may be of use to many, I already have custom code to deal with these or the use of a couple of plugins.

    There are a couple of features that I wish were added or even a paid extension. I would happily pay for a few features like these:

    • Ability to hide particular plugins from clients. I have a plugin that does this, and adding a list of plugins that you hide would be great.
    • Ability to Edit Menu Names and have different icons. I have a plugin that does this. This is very useful for new clients to WordPress
    • It might work, and I will try it out on another site when I have time, but I use custom code to hide the Admin Bar (now called ToolBar) from users, only granting access to Administrators, and a select few custom roles. I never use the default Editor, and Contributor Roles.
    • Add a donation to the developer link in the program. Without the need for any of the extensions it would still be nice to buy you a cup of coffee for all the work you do.

    This plugin for a developer is perfect. I love the work that you have put into it, and I love the layout and ease of use. I can’t believe it took me so long to find it.

    Keep up the fantastic development you have done and would love to know if you might think about including any of these features I mentioned above.


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  • Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk



    I’m so grateful for your fantastic review. Yours is one of my favorite of all times and this is not only because of 5 starts but because of amount of time and words you put to write the review.

    Now regarding desired features:

    1. That is a great idea to have the ability to hide specific plugins and honestly I had that feature I believe in version 3 long time ago. It was not as popular and kinda did not fit the old set of features so I’ve deprecated it however recently have been getting more requests to add it back. So this is something on my priority list.

    2. Also pretty popular request however it is on lower priority as it does not really fit into a vision of “access management”.

    3. That is already implemented with custom capability show_admin_bar. Just create it and assign to roles or individual users that you want to allow to see toolbar. For everybody else it’ll be hidden.

    4. You already got me few coffees man. Your review is more than I could expect. Plus I’m trying to keep AAM UI as clean as possible. No ads, not promotions. Only what matters.

    Thank you so much!


    Thread Starter Syxguns


    I’m thrilled that you loved the review. Quick question, I have used the AAM to hide certain things on the Admin Bar (Tool Bar now I guess) but it only works for back-end Admin page? I have a couple of features that are listed on a clients tool bar on the front-end. They do not have access to it, it pulls up a page access denied. That doesn’t look very professional.

    I can create a custom code for each user independently but if I had front-end features on the tool bar in AAM that would be perfect. Maybe that might make the list.

    All the best!

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