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    I don’t think bulldozer@4 GHz is that slow but this thing at least in Opera 12.18 is absolutelly unusable while working with long texts (several thousand words). As it CONSTANTLY, 100 % of the time does content analysis even when I just add a single character or switch from WYSIWYG to text and back (or even if I just scroll) it’s eating huge amounts of RAM and the whole CPU core.

    It goes as far as I am waiting tens of seconds to actually see my input! This is simply unacceptable. Plugin is confirmed source of the troubles, when disabling it does not make it 100% fluid, but I can work just fine. For that reason I suggest adding the option to either turn the content analysis to automatic (as now), or manual via button displayed under each article/page/whatever in somewhere in the box with keyword.

    Frankly, there is no reason why the plugin should analyse the content in real time, what does make you think so? I only need to see the results when the article is finished, most of the time. Getting it analysed upon my wishes by hitting a button is all I need to live and I bet absolute majority of users will be just OK with that as well. Adding an option in settings solves that for everybody.

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    We are sorry for any inconvenience. The keyword analysis feature can be disabled site wide or per user, depending on your needs. Please review this knowledge base article: Can I Disable The SEO Keyword Analysis?

    Sorry but this is no solution whatsoever. I want the analysis, just not the whole time when it consumes huge HW resources, but upon user request. Telling me I can disable that somewhere in settings is hardly what I seek. So it would really be good if you gave a thought to my button suggestion and if possible put it on roadmap instead of telling me something I did not really ask for, will ya?

    Plugin Support amboutwe


    You asked for something that is simply not available so an alternative option was offered. By disabling and enabling the analysis as needed, you will have the benefit of everything else in our plugin but will not have the slowness while editing large amounts of content. We understand this is not a permanent solution but it’s what we can offer at this time.

    Additionally, our team investigates bug reports and feature requests on GitHub. Slowness with large quantities of text has been investigated a number of times since we introduced real time analysis.

    Here are some of the open slowness reports we’re investigating right now:

    I am aware of the fact it is not present, why else would I call my sugesstions exactly that, suggestions? The fact is the content analysis is most likely the most important feature of the plugin. Disabling it is similar suggestion to telling me to uninstall it, I am sorry, this does not solve it.

    Disabling and enabling all the time is also similar solution to killing an ant with bazooka. I think instead of offering alternative “solution” which is no solution rather than, quite frankly, pain in the ass, while immediatelly setting the status to resolved it may be better to actually read my suggestion and than think about it. Why should I have to constantly turn it on and off while it is so easy to just put a button in there which would do one-time on-demand analysis instead of continuous analysis of the whole text (even if I just edit a single character)?

    I think there is simply NO solution to make the analysis of very long texts quick in web browser. This is just totally ineffective place (and I hope your developers are aware of this basic programming knowledge). You cannot fix it if its the property, not an error. All you can do is implement features to not run into this problem unless neccessary. I think my suggestion may be one of such features.

    As for github, well, I do not really intend to register to yet another exotic platform. I do not remember any more at how many places I have been already pushed to register, couldn’t you just tell this to your developers? I would be satisfied just OK with that.

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