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  • Callum


    Not only did it kill my website performance. Not only was it beyond complicated and buggy. It is also alleged to be a scam. They charged me 80 USD to translate five pages, they’ve sent an invoice for well over 250 pages (majority of which are inaccessible; the translations do not exist). The China-based company who may or may not still have my credit card on file (there is no clear explanation and no replies to my email) have no interest in after sales support or refunding or even understanding the problem. This stinks of a scam.

    My website is now broken. Despite an incredibly fast, cloud hosted, premium server we now have hanging pages, 404’s all over the shop and a useless translation plugin called WPML did the damage.

    Note carefully (I did not) the language on the credits page- a clever use of English implies the credits drop down to a fraction of a cent after the initial introductory credits are used. Note their refund policy. Note the 1 star ratings.

    Note carefully the estimator only reads the current list of pages displayed / previewed (I think by default its 10 or so pages). You have to go digging to increase this number to show all pages, only then can you see the correctly estimated credits required.

    Note the slow pace of feedback: one moment you’ve spent 25 credits. Return to your screen 30 minutes later: 150,000 are gone.

    I feel so stupid as having previously (5+ years ago) I did trial this plugin and found it broke the site, it is incredibly badly written and not optimised in any way shape or form.

    WPML is no better than a scam. You would do much better to create a spreadsheet of your content and take it direct to a language translation site or perhaps get someone to stick it through some AI. You can then import those back into another CMS. I cannot remember leaving a bad review on WordPress for anything, but you must be warmed WooCommerce Multilingual is a rip off and it is no wonder others have called it a scam.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months ago by Callum.
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  • Plugin Support diegootgs


    Hello Callum,

    I’m really sorry you had a bad experience with WPML. I can guarantee you that we are not a scam company. We would like to review your case and even refund your credits if needed.

    Could you give us more details about your case? The following information will be very useful:
    – URL of the site WPML was used on
    – Your account username
    – Support tickets related to the issue

    We will review everything and find the best possible solution for you.

    I agree this does look like a scam from WPML trying to get you to signup for something you don’t want.

    I see a message on all the sites I run now says to connect WPML plugin. I don’t have it on any of my website and don’t want it either. But the message is still there in a reb banner as if an error.

    This is something that WordPress should look into as fraudulent attempt to get people to signup for plugins and services they don’t need.

    Perhaps not only an issue for WPML but also a experience from WordPress to allow such plugin developers to litter the admin with scam and phishing ads and messages.

    Plugin Support Andrés Cifuentes


    Hello @wicko,

    As my colleague Diego mentioned, we are a serious WordPress company and we have been in the ecosystem for a long time with thousands of satisfied clients.

    I’m totally sorry about your experience, however the only thing that comes to my mind with a red banner asking to connect WPML plugin, it is when you are using WPML with an expired license.

    However, as you have already stated that it is not your case and you are not using any of our products, I would like to closely investigate it.

    As this is not possible in this forum, could you please write us an email to, adding this link and asking directly for me (Andrés Cifuentes)? I would personally like to check your case.

    Once more time, I would like to reassure you that if this situation was created by any of our products, we will find a solution.

    Thank you very much for your help,
    Andrés Cifuentes

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