• This is the worst Gallery available, it crashes my site every time you click on an image and when you try to edit thumbnail in manage galleries it pops up a blank screen and you can’t edit the thumbnail. There is no support. They never reply on the forums with any solutions. Go with Grid Galleries. NextGen Galleries is absolute crap.

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    @darren823- I’m really saddened to hear of your experience with our plugin. 🙁 We do try to reach everyone in the forum, and we feel we do a pretty good job at that. To say that we ‘never reply’, is simply not true. By your description of the site crashing every time you click on an image and edit a thumbnail, it sounds like you may have some outdated server settings or a possible plugin conflict. If you wouldn’t mind pointing me to the URL to your support thread you had created, I’d love to help you sort this out if you’re open to the help. 🙂 I’m really sorry we didn’t reach your support thread, as I mentioned we do try our best to get to everyone.


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    @darren823 … Two quick points.

    1) Obviously, if you’re having a site crash, there’s something unique going on. NextGEN Gallery is active on a million sites. If it crashing all of them, the forums would be exploding. So this is an individual user support issue, not a statement about general plugin performance. You don’t seem to have a a thread on our forums, so I can’t diagnose what your issue might be. As Becky noted, if you could actually provide some info, we may be able to give some indication of the issue.

    2) While I usually defer to our users on their reviews, the idea that we don’t respond on forum threads is just plain crazy. We have some of the best free plugin support of any major plugin on the repo. We invest a huge of energy supporting 1 million users for free, so this kind of comment is frustrating. Just go to the support threads page and start paging through the reviews, you’ll see that we respond to all of them.

    On top of all that, again, from what I can tell from your profile, you haven’t even posted a question on our forum. So the idea that we don’t respond is untrue in general and seems untrue in your particular case as well. If I/we are missing a thread, please feel free to point it out.

    You have almost as many one star reviews as you have 5 star reviews, there is clearly something wrong with your plug in. Thanks OP, I will not be wasting my time with this nonsense.

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    @actionjackson676 About one third to one half of the one stars come from a 3 month period, August – October 2013. That was the initial release of 2.0, and because of the wide scope of changes it created a lot of issues. The surge in 1 stars at that time was justified, of course. But the causes for that surge were long ago addressed. Although they’re no longer relevant, the continue to distort the overall rating of the plugin.

    If you calculate out the last, say 100 reviews or whatever (more than most plugin have in total), you’ll see the rating comes out to about 4 stars.

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    @actionjackson676 – Just to reinforce my point, I figured I’d go ahead and run the numbers. Here are the stats for the last 100 reviews of NextGEN Gallery:

    5 stars: 75
    4 stars: 10
    3 stars: 4
    2 stars: 0
    1 star: 11

    Average rating: 4.38

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