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Absolute paths suggestion

  • Hello, this is just a small suggestion, in case it is heard and judged interesting.

    Some blog hosts will require from wordpress, at some point, an absolute path instead of a relative path.

    For instance, take Admin > Settings > Miscellaneous, when we mention where the uploads should be stored.

    I have blogs hosted at OVH.net, at servage.net and at hostgator.com (one day, I’ll gather them all at the same host, sigh).
    While the OVH and Servage blogs accepted the default path “wp-content/uploads”, the hostgator-hosted blog required a full absolute URL (in that case, it was “/public_html/my_account_login/the_subfolder_hosting_my_domain/wp-content/uploads”

    And precisely, I had no way of knowing what was the absolute URL to my blog without asking the hostgator support team. While I had a quick response, not all hosts reply so fast, and it could make the life of the webmasters more complicated.

    So, how about editing this options-misc.php page so that it would indicate the admin, just in case, what is the absolute path to his blog ?

    It might come in handy…

    Well, that was for my suggestion !
    Best regards everyone,

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