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  • Had the free version. Worked well enough for us to try the premium version. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, right? Wrong in this case.

    There is a process to “Start SEO Optimization” on your site. You click that in the premium version and it fails every time — and has been failing for quite some time. Years maybe. Do a quick search in the forums for “SEO data optimization.” You will find post after post of users with this issue. Their reply is always, ALWAYS the same knowing full well that the solution does not work as the users indicate in their frustrated replies.

    This plugin is being uninstalled and we will search for another solution that might actually work.

    As for the 5 star reviews I would ask the question of how many of them are rating the FREE plugin which works fine in its limited capacity.

    I am beyond pissed that I had to PAY for this plugin and this lesson. From now on I will read the support forums BEFORE a plugin developer takes my money.

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  • @gcbrowne,

    Did you reach out to Yoast’s support team before posting your review? If so, can you share their feedback and/or recommended fix for your issue?

    Also, did you know that Yoast has a generous refund policy?

    So far, we haven’t had any issues with Yoast. If any (plugin bugs), they are solved expeditiously.


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    No I didn’t reach out to them. After having read all the posts with the identical problem and seeing the identical response from Yoast regarding said problems (this is over what looked to be months and years) there didn’t seem to be a point to adding myself to the roles of the people with the issue knowing full well all I’d get was a cut and paste reply used many times over. It was a quicker fix to uninstall and look for an alternative.

    But like I said, the free version works fine.

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