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  • Hi WP community!

    I have just discovered WP, and am attempting to install it. I have read so much information and learnt so many new computer language words that now I feel lost.

    My questions are this:

    1. I want to use WP as an XHTML, CSS and Accessibility compliant WYSIWIG editor to create a website (or 10 🙂 ). Is this the right platform to be using? If not, are there better ones anyone could suggest?

    2. If this is the right platform to be using, will I still be able to edit the code, or is it just WYSIWIG?

    3. Will I still be managing my files etc through my FTP client?

    4. There are thousands of free WordPress themes online. Are they for use with this program, and will I be able to make changes to them?

    And the big one…

    5. If this is the right platform to be using, I’m stuck. I’ve downloaded the program onto my computer, and opened the wp-config-sample file as directed. I immediately got stuck on what my db details were, so I contacted my host (Hostgator) who let me know I would need to develop and manage a MySQL database to know these things. I don’t know what MySQL is! Or how to use it! Or what it has to do with me using QP as a WYSIWIG editor!

    So I came back here and read through heaps of documentation, but am now feeling even more lost and confused. The Install WP for Free service is not running, so would anyone be kind enough to run me through what in the world I’m doing?

    Thank you so much for any support!

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  • @mercime


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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Depends on what files – some you need to FTP, some can be managed online
    4. Yes, and you can customize all of them. Some themes require that you leave credits at footer.
    5. WordPress comes in many flavors:
    – WordPress self-hosted – the one you downloaded
    – WordPress Multi-User – frankly, if you cannot manage the self-hosted, do not try this one
    – – sign up for a free account, choose a theme and start blogging. This most probably is the best fit for you. When you’re ready, then you can easily export your posts from to your own site. But then, you can easily buy a domain name and point it to your account (contact support first)
    Good luck.

    Thank you!


    Can someone help me. I have tried many times to get my themes uploaded. They may well be on my site, but I cannot find them. I did get stats in and working. No hope for my adsense ads or trying to upgrade wp 2.6.2.
    my site is
    Many thanks Sandy

    When you upload them, make sure that they are going into wp-content/themes.

    Your themes should then be available from Design -> Themes.

    You need to upload a theme’s folder into the wp-content/themes/ folder. When you do this, the theme should show up as an option in Design->Themes in your Dashboard.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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