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    I started using blankslate because the standard themes were to heavy and I wanted something easy to edit.
    Blankslate is very easy to adapt and my only problem with the theme is that it uses tags like <article>, <figure> or <figcaption> in the functions.php file. With newer versions firefox and ie this is fine but with older versions of ie this really messes up the display. It effects people who use ie 8.0 and under which is about 12% for me, enough to want to change it.
    It took a while to find the problems but I changed the tags back to the standard <div> tags and every thing works fine.
    Also in the comments.php file I had to change id=”respond” to class”respond” because as most people know you can’t have more than one id with the same name in an HTML file.
    Overall I am very pleased with the theme and credit and link to the Tidy Themes website on my site.

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  • just wondering


    Well …….. I rated it three stars and when I didn’t enter a wp version # I had to repost and when I did … well you see 5 stars, not three.

    Theme Author TidyThemes


    Happy to hear you’re enjoying BlankSlate overall for the most part.

    We were going to release 3.4 very soon that fixed the double #respond issue and a number of other code issues, however we’ll actually be overhauling more deeply at this point and be releasing 4.0 soon.

    Please note, we’ll only be adding more HTML5 support, not less.

    BlankSlate is meant to be a very clean, standards-compliant boilerplate without hacks, appeasements or compromises or too much subjective customization on our part.

    Adding in cross-browser hacks especially for older versions of IE is something we’ll never impose on the designers/developers who have come to depend on BlankSlate for their projects.

    Our job is to keep BlankSlate vanilla, your job is to add the flavor. 🙂


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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