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  • 1. Would like to be able to edit entries.

    2. Word highlighting such as underlining.

    Also, it would be nice if the link were optionally clickable.


    Thank you for suggestions. Your suggestions will be included in one of the new versions.

    But I didn’t understand what is “Also, it would be nice if the link were optionally clickable.”. Can you write it in details?


    I’m one of those people that hates links with hovering text. If users could click on the link before the definition pop-up window appeared, that would be nice. I don’t know if I’m explaining that right, but just visit and place the cursor over the green-underlined text. A Bing window hovers over the text, which is annoying.

    firt of all thanks for that great plugin, you did really good work. What I like to see also is the possibility to edit the entries.
    Is it possible to insert a picture ?

    adamsmark – if you tell your visitor how this thing works they will be happy and appreciate the plugin




    Thank you very much.
    Where do you want to insert a picture? In the tooltips?

    hi s_ruben, yes in the tooltip, that would look really cool, don’t you think ?

    I just ran into a little problem, I am using qtranslate on my site, because we need 3 languages.

    the code to insert a lange is the following


    when I put this in , it shows everything, there is also another way to put in languages using quicktags [:de]german[:es]spanish[:en]englisch

    this does not work also … can you pls make your extension compatible with qtranslate this would be the coolest ever

    regards from La Palma


    I forgot something for the other post :

    I am trying to show the definition of La Palma Diving Center in 3 languages, as a workaroung i am tryin to use something like “La Palma Diving Center EN” or “La Palma Diving Center ES”, but I cannot save it because I also have “La Palma Diving Center” …. what can I do … ?



    Too bad the programmer of this nice extension has little interest in his creation. Does anybody know of another extension, that does the same ?

    Dear diver66,

    I have great interest in my creations, and I am sorry that I couldn’t answer you for a month.

    Please contact me from my personal website and we will discuss about the plugin. I think you understand me why I don’t write my email here.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Ruben,
    Firstly, thanks for a great plugin. I found a glitch that was giving me some problems on my site until I figured out it had to do with your plugin.

    When a word defined in your plugin shows up in a photo caption, the photo caption is getting dropped.

    In media.php, the function img_caption_shortcode(), $caption is being returned empty and thus, an image that should be saving as:

    <div id="attachment_1" class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 100px"><img class="size-large wp-image-1" title="the image description" src="" alt="the image description" width="100" height="100" /><p class="wp-caption-text">the image description</p></div>

    Is instead being displayed (in the client-side source) as only:

    <img class="size-large wp-image-1" title="the image description" src="" alt="the image description" width="100" height="100" />

    To work around this, I changed my preference to only create a pop-up for the first instance, and I had to make sure on any page where a word is in a caption to write the word in the opening paragraphs before any photos.

    Ideally, the plugin would allow captions with the dictionary words, but it would also be fine to simply exclude adding the dictionary to captions.


    Oh, and if anyone else is having this issue, be assured your data is fine.

    The captions show up normally in the admin view as well as in the database. It is only on the public side where the plugin is preventing the caption from being used…so disabling the plugin makes everything appear again.

    The problem with posts images captions is solved in the new 1.4 version of the plugin.

    WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 1.4 version

    When I include the glossary on a page, clicking on one of the alphabet letters opens a new browser window.

    How can I restrict glossary to opening link in same window?
    Or can I show entire glossary on one page with alphabet linking to anchors in page?
    Or can I remove alphabet all together and just have listing of all glossary terms?

    Dear s_ruben,

    Thanks for the great plugin. I’ve literally looked through all of the possible glossary plugins and this is the only one that seems to be working just fine with Unicode (and with WordPress 3.0.1).

    And it’s the perfect solution for a multilingual blog – I simply needed to create separate entries for terms and their translations, and add the alphabet to the Options page.

    My question is: if I have terms in two different languages and I need to show two different alphabets – English (in latin characters) and Armenian (in Armenian characters, so they won’t be mixed up at all), can I somehow separate those alphabets on the main glossary page? Say, put a line break after the English alphabet is listed, so that Armenian alphabet starts from the new line?

    Thank you for your work, hope to see more plugins developed by you 🙂

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