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    *I’m not good at English.sorry

    This is my idea.I want use two different domain on a wordpress.Domain is different,wordpress are same.For example,I wish:
    to the same wordpress.just domain different (of couse link in web need change dynamic.when i visit website in g.e.c,then link need change to g.e.c/****)
    So how Can I Do That/ Thanks.
    (You want to know why i need do that?cdn different,so i need different domain to provide different network)
    My server using Apache 2.2 PHP 5.6 mysql5.6 amd wordpress is 4.7.2,NOT MU
    Thanks a lot.

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  • Tim Nash


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    So WordPress is designed to sit on one, domain, you can “sort” of get round this by hardcoding the siteurl and home url within your wp-config.php and set the hardcoded version based on the server hostname.

    This will at least get the site loading, however a lot of things don’t just rely on the siteurl or home url but use it as a base and then store a full URL so really then you are going to need to be hunting down all those hardcoded urls and updating them on the fly.

    All of this is possible but incredibly hacky.

    So then the question is why does your CDN need a different domain? If you are proxying the whole domain through the CDN you can just use the same domain.

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    You know,some cdn only provide serve in some country(e.g. China),so i need different domain for cdn to provide different serve for visitor.Thanks for Reply~

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