• Hi i’m using WP User Frontend version 2.9.3 and woocommerce, i try to create WooCommerce Product form with default form without touch anything and try on localhost. And then, i’m try to upload images on frontend and upload 3 images to Product Image Gallery, after click “Create Product” button no one show on frontend. Everythins is ok except Product Image Gallery, title ok, Product Image ok, title and description ok, but only Product Image Gallery not ok, i’m using default meta_key (_product_image).

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  • Hi Dannie.

    I am having the same problem. I am using pro version.

    User Frontend PRO stores also the images/attachments IDs, but in the same meta key, but separately for years. For example:

    ‘_image_gallery’ => 383
    ‘_image_gallery’ => 345

    But with version 2.9.3 I noticed that now image fields saves data to database in serialized array ..So this change makes my most of sites stop working like product galleries. Unfortunately they dont write this core change to their changelog.

    I send a ticket to them to help us to find a way to revert this with some custom code but they advised me this:
    if you do the custom code for your personal customization in the old way, then you have to change it again. 🙂

    So i will take try to take care of myself.

    And so i think your problem is for this update.

    Good luck. 🙂

    Hi arda41,

    I try this on fresh installation, i not change the code anything. All fresh, default theme, default plugin, default woocommerce and default WPUF. I not touch anyhthig code.

    What i try:

    Install 100% FRESH WordPress to localhost then FRESH WooCommerce and FRESH WPUF version 2.9.3. Themes using “Twenty Seventeen” (100% FRESH), then i create “Woocommerce Product” and click “Save” without touch anything. Copy form shortcode and paste to new page. I try to frontend but only “Product Image Gallery” not work, everything is ok. And now i try to use WPUF version 2.9.2, then i try to submit on frontend again and amazing all work perfect!! So, WPUF version 2.9.3 have trouble..

    Plugin Support Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @k0z3y,


    Hi @thebengalboy.

    If i using version 2.9.3 and follow you instruction – https://images2.imgbox.com/16/c1/me1w1bNe_o.png

    If i using version 2.9.2 and follow you instruction – https://images2.imgbox.com/27/fa/P1txQ5o9_o.png

    Look the different, on version 2.9.3 only have one featured images. On version 2.9.2 have more featured images, so can view and zoom it the all images. I think you understand what i say… 🙂

    Still not lucky after update to 2.9.4, i’m create on fresh installation wordpress on localhost… If only one image, show perfect on frontend but if more than one images not showing on frontend… 🙁

    “if only one image, show perfect on frontend but if more than one images not showing on frontend”

    I have exactly the same problem. This really needs to be fixed!



    Hello @brudi,

    I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience. But after getting your response I did a fresh installation of WordPress and tried to reproduce your issue but failed. That’s why it’s really hard to provide the solution in a single word. However, as you are facing the issue, then please reach out support center.

    Surely we’ll find a solution for you 🙂


    Hey Mazhar,

    I just realized, that i missed to add some critical information.

    I´m not trying to add Woocommerce Product Gallery. Im trying to ad a regular Image-Gallery (mapping to ACF Gallery Field).

    But the Problem is the same – Only the first Image apperas in the ACF Gallery.

    I dont know if thats a whole nother issue.

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