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    Hello dears,

    in wc vendor commission there is an option of percentage commission, my question is, is the who will pay the commission ? admin to vendor or vendor to admin?
    and second if the answer is admin will pay the commission to the vendor, how can vendor pay the commission to the admin and where it will be show in the revenue thanks a lot.

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    The commission is set by the admin and paid to the vendors. So if you set the commission rate to 80 that means that the vendors will get 80% of the sale price leaving the other 20% to the marketplace.

    Depending on how you want to pay your vendors their commission, the admins have various options to payout to vendors, from automatic with our Stripe Connect plugin, or 3rd party commission capable payment gateways, to manual payouts.

    We have reports that show what the vendor’s revenue is and the total revenue. We are currently working on a major update that will provide new reports for marketplace revenue and other important metrics.



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