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  • This forum is the first step toward helping to facilitate local WordPress meetups. Some meetups are specific to skill/interest (users, developers, theme designers, etc) while others are general interest groups that touch on all topics around publishing with and developing for WordPress. Each group is different based on individual interests, but common meetup formats include:

    • Hackathons – People getting together to work on their WordPress sites or wp-based development projects.
    • Show and Tell – Local people showing off the cool things they are doing with WordPress.
    • Tutorials – WordPress wizards teaching people how to do cool things with WordPress.
    • Presentations – Local or visiting speakers who give talks about WordPress-related topics.

    To keep this forum manageable, please follow these guidelines:

    • Topic threads should be named [Location] – [Type]. Examples of good topic names are: Chicago – Developers; Lisboa – General Interest; New York – Intermediate Users. And some not-good topic names: Is anyone here to meet up?; I need someone to help me; Anyone near me? Keep the topic names on target to allow for easy scanning and searching.
    • In your post, identify yourself, say a little about your WordPress experience, and state what kind of meetup you’ld like to form (general interest, user-focused, hackathons, etc).
    • Search first. If there is already a topic for your city and desired meetup type, add to it rather than fracturing the discussion.

    We’ll be rolling out features on this site over the coming year to help support these groups, but in the meantime, we hope this forum will provide an easier way to find like minded WordPress friends and collaborators in your area.

    ** Note: It is very important to keep the signal:noise under control here so that people can quickly use this as a tool for finding meetup co-conspirators and collaborators. Please do not go off-topic in this forum, take to one of the others. Thanks!

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  • Jane: is the idea to announce ALL local meetups here, or should we make our own meetups-forum in our local forums (Finnish in this case)?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    The plan is to keep meetups here in English. If you want to make your own on other language forums, have at 🙂

    Thanks for the clarification. We already have a meetup area on our local forum, that’s why I was asking. 🙂

    Are old meetup announcements dropped from here? Do we need to come back and refresh them periodically? I don’t see all of the ones that were added after Jane’s initial announcement of this forum.

    I can update with every meetup we hold, I just didn’t think that’s how this worked.

    Are old meetup announcements dropped from here?

    Nope. The only posts that are removed are those that are not directly related to meetups or outright spam.

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