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    test v1.1(wp v2.71 ,set plugin folder 777)

    go to configuration page (settings >> media)

    upload the png or gif watermark pic

    choose “enable options” and save (try some combination)

    then some option lose (or all lose)

    try several times, by chance, some option can be save, but no rule

    can i know where the options save to ?into the datebase or config files ?

    i think, use the config fils well have good compatibility, because some guy maybe use other db , like sqlite(by plugin), that will be some unknow problems.

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  • Options are saved into the database using WordPress’ standard mechanism. There shouldn’t be any problems, and you’re the first to report any.

    I’m sorry, I’m definitely not changing the way options are stored … fix your installation!


    I experience exactly the same problem. Moreover, I’m not able to set any watermark. I tried png, transparent png, gif etc. No way I can make it visible on images….

    Help needed!

    I have investigated this and it seems to be related to a change of semantics between PHP 4 and PHP 5 of a particular function I’m using. The new version 1.1.1 should fix this for you.

    Hi there

    Thanks for the answer, staying tuned then.


    i have tested v1.1.1, work well

    thankyou !!! that’s my best 6.1 gift!

    v1.1.1 works super fine! THANK YOU!

    You’re welcome, guys! Anybody care to switch off the light, that is mark the thread as resolved?

    hehe ,switch off ,to conserve electricity

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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