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  • Resolved Jack


    I’m using the plugin on a few websites, and some time ago I clicked the button that scans – in my case – Dropbox for more available backup sets, and then it downloaded all of them, including those from the other websites. Is this still the case? I hate to see someone accidentally clicking that button.

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  • Plugin Support Harshad



    When you click on the backup sets from dashboard of a particular site, it should only download the backup set of that particular date/time of the site.

    UpdraftPlus will not download other backup sets.


    Hi Harshad. But there is also the button Scan external source (next to the button Backup sets), and that is where it went wrong that time and everything from Dropbox was downloaded.

    I have the same problem. My backups are on DropBox and I recently restored a site from a backup. It restored OK but the backup list now shows all the other backups I have done from other sites too, so I don’t know which to use if I need to restore again. Likewise, if I rescan remote storage it pulls in a list of all backups of all sites which is really confusing.

    Plugin Support Harshad



    If you have backups stored inside one folder at Dropbox for all the sites it will display the backup sets of all the sites.

    With Premium you get the options to add the path so that backup of each site is stored separate folder.


    That should usually not happen, Can you please attach a screenshot of backup list page?

    Thanks but I’m a bit confused as those two answers seem to contradict each other!
    Is the answer….
    a)it will display the backup sets of all the sites
    b)That should usually not happen


    Hi. Well, it’s like longbowdesign says as well, it pulls in all backup sets, including those of other websites. I really don’t want to just try with my current sites, because it is a lot of work to remove them again from that list. Perhaps I will create another Dropbox account so I can test it with a few other sites.

    Plugin Contributor bcrodua



    Apologies for the late reply.

    You need to store the backups in separate sub-folder so the backups from other sites does not show up on the backup list from other sites. You can however use different Dropbox account for each site.

    Alternatively, you can purchase UpdraftPlus Premium Dropbox sub-folder add-on so you do not have to create different Dropbox accounts.


    Okay, thanks for explaining. So the only option is this plugin which you have to buy for every site separately. I will check with the site owners.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Just to clarify: showing all backups stored is the *intended purpose* of the ‘rescan remote storage’ button. If you don’t want to see backups from other sites, then don’t press it. People want to see backups from other sites when they are cloning a site (e.g. dev to live).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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