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    Hi, I have a question, and it’s kind of tricky:

    I recently created several subcategories on my website. And I thought to myself: how to make YARPP show related posts only for subcategory (meaning, that first related posts in a subcategory will be from the same subcategory, and only then posts from category will be shown). So I read your forum and found out, that it can be done by choosing “at least one category has to be in common” option. And it worked.

    However: it works good for posts WITH subcategories. Here is an example: I have a category: “Interesting to know”. There I have a subcategory “Interesting facts about writers”. And some of my posts in the category don’t have any subcategories. So why does YARPP shows posts from other subcategories there? Wouldn’t it be better to show at first posts from a category, but without a subcategory? Because subcategories have their own list of related posts. Subcategoriсal posts could be shown at the end, but not mixed with other posts, like now.

    I hope, that I managed to explain it well 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hi @giorgos93, thanks for explaining the situation.
    Do you have a public page on your website where this is happening that you can link to? If we could see it, it would probably help us understand what’s going wrong and then how to fix.

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    Sure. Here is a page, that has a category, but doesn’t have a subcategory —

    And if you look at Yarpp posts at the end of this page, then you will see, that lots of related posts are shown from subcategories (they are from this category too). And I think, that it would be better to show at first posts from this category, that DON’T have any subcategories.

    On this screenshot I showed, what related posts don’t have any subcategories: . The rest of them are from 2 subcategories.

    I hope, that I explained it better now 🙂

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hi @giorgos93 sorry I didn’t get around to looking into this until now.
    When YARPP finds related posts based on categories, yes it doesn’t account for whether they’re top-level categories or subcategories.
    If you want posts from a top-level category to primarily suggest other posts from that same top-level category and *not* its subcategories, you should not mark those other posts as being in that same category. Eg, notice that I only checked the category “Cars”, but NOT “Vehicles”. This way, posts in the “Vehicles” category are more likely to recommend other “Vehicle” posts, but no posts with the category “Cars”.

    In other words, although categories might appear hierarchical, YARPP’s doesn’t actually know that “Vehicles” is a parent of “Cars”. It just knows that if the current post has the category “Vehicles” it will look for other posts with that same category, “Vehicles”. So if you want a post to be recommended, give it the category “Vehicles” too. But if you don’t, just give it the category “Cars” only.

    Does that make sense? Could that work for you? (I’m sorry it would probably require changing how you use categories on your posts.)

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    Hi again! Removing subcategories from it’s main category seems not worth it. At least subcategorical posts are shown perfectly. Thanks for explanation!

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