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  • niguramu



    I am using the multilingual plug-in “Polylang Pro”. (Japanese and English.)
    When uploading a single image, the Japanese and English sides will be registered one by one on the data.(In fact, only one image is uploaded)

    Two images of the Japanese side and the English side are displayed in the “Media Library Folders” folder.
    If you move the image to another folder, only the image in the base language(Japanese) will be moved.
    – When newly added from “Media”, two images of Japanese side and English side are displayed in “Media Library Folders”.
    – When an image is newly added from “Media Library Folders”, only the image of the basic language is displayed. However, in the data, one sheet is registered for Japanese and one for English.

    Do you have plans to support multilingual plugins?

    Currently I use “Media File Manager (Atsushi Ueda)”, but there is no problem as described above.
    However, since this plugin has already been discontinued, we are looking for an alternative plugin.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Author AlanP57


    I installed the free version of Polylang, configured it for two languages, edited a post and added an image and then create a foreign language version of the post and added the same image. Then I move the file to a new folder. Both posts were updated correctly.

    What theme are you using and are you using any page builder plugins?

    Sorry for the late reply.
    It seems that work time with you is different due to the time difference.

    > What theme are you using and are you using any page builder plugins?

    Page builder: Not use

    Isn’t your procedure done this way?

    1) Upload images from “Media Library Folders> Add File”.
    In this case, I think that only one image that would have been registered in the basic language can be seen.
    2) Create product pages and post pages using the previously registered images.
    3) Return to “Media Library Folders” and move the used images to any folder.
    4) Display the page created earlier and check the HTML route of the image.
    JA: (Please check the second image.)
    EN: (Please check the second image.)

    There was no problem until this process.

    Go to “Media> Library” and open the moved image.
    Then click on the pencil mark in the upper right to display the second language image.
    Images in the second language are not displayed. Checking the HTML root has not changed it.

    Here is the procedure I asked about last time.

    1) Upload image from “Media> Add New”.
    2) Moved to “Media Library Folders”.
    When you check the uploaded images in “Media Library Folders”, two images of the first language and the second language are displayed.
    3) I checked the two images and moved it to any folder.
    However, the image of the first language moved to the folder, but the image of the second language did not move.
    4) And I asked you for multilingual support.


    There is no such problem with the plug-in currently used, but as we mentioned, the support has ended in 2018.

    If the “Media Library Folders” issue does not improve for the listed multilingual plug-ins,
    For example, when you want to stop the multilingual plug-in and operate the wordpress site, may the database become strange or not displayed? I’m worried about that.

    I am sorry if this display problem is only me.

    Plugin Author AlanP57


    I see what you are saying. Till this can be fixed, it is better to upload your images to their destination folder and then insert them into a post or page.

    Then wait for it to be fixed.
    Thank you.

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