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  • I searched a lot to find a plugin (or any way) to start blogging in two languages (English and Spanish). qTranslate is really easy to use, but it only allows translations of the post and titles and not the whole blog, which is what I’m looking for.

    Finally I think the closest thing is the xlanguage plugin.

    The problem is that even when I managed to translate posts and their according titles, I can’t find the way to translate the whole page. (I know that is possible, because the xlanguage plugin official page works that way, but with english, chinese, cantonese).

    If I insert the <span lang="es"> (or "en") in the footer for example, it shows both languages even if I click on the “castellano” or “english” flag.

    <span lang="es">hola</span><span lang="en">hello</span> shows:


    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do something with WP itself or I should do something with the plugin. I guess the “xlanguage parser” (I don’t know how to to call it) it’s configured just to “pass” on posts and not the whole blog, so maybe making it start “in the beginning” would solve my problem… but that’s only a guess :P.

    Sorry, I’m not a web-developer and I really tried to do something by myself (checking the codex, google, etc), but is really out of my knowledge. So any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Did you ever resolved this? i’m having the same problem.

    Actually it just work in a page and not in all others. – works – doesn’t work

    It’s not very clear from the documentation, but basically what you do is have two themes, one for each language. When I’ve used it in Welsh and English I create the English theme first, then create a copy of it, called theme_cym or something, then translate all the necessary components of the welsh theme.

    As long as you’ve set xlanguage to use the themes that correspond to their languages it should work. It also means that if you don’t translate the page content, the navigation and so on should still be translated.

    I used it on this site:

    Sorry I can’t be more exact, it’s a while since I used it.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for answering!

    How you’re supposed to tell xlanguage how to pick different themes? Is something that you have to do in the advanced configuration or something like that?

    Yes, you set it in Settings > xlanguage > Language (Advanced) – under Presentation – you can then tell xlanguage to use one theme for one language and a different one for the alternate language.

    Then you just need to translate your theme and make sure it all works.

    I just discovered a plug-in called

    Pros: Looks like you really have a distinct and at the same time interconnected management of n language versions.

    Feedbacks on WPML, anyone?

    I had the same requirement as you did so I read this post and went off to try xLanguage but i did not like it at all. The inteface is very limited, hard to use and seems buggy to me.

    After that i tried using qTranslate and it is MUCH better! First off, most of the blog gets translated automatically (even tags, rss feeds, WP core, pages, etc). Then you can just have to edit the templates using some special tags and polish the details.

    A simple example:

    <?php _e("<!--:en-->Engish Text<!--:--><!--:es-->Texto en español<!--:-->"); ?>

    Would render “English Text” in the engish pages, and “Texto en español” in the Spanish pages.

    But you can use this same technique for more “complex” things such as linking to two different CSS pages, one for each language:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php _e("<!--:en-->english<!--:--><!--:es-->spanish<!--:-->"); ?>.css" />

    Would link to english.css and spanish.css respectively.

    And you can do the same for images, links, whatever you like!

    Hope this helps!

    I try to use Xlanguage in mein Website but dont supportet Arabic and French.

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