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  • I would assume that WP has a built in module linked to an About Me page, but I haven’t found it yet. Any info on this? Thanks.

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  • No, it’s not built-in. But anyone can create it.

    I think you might just have to use “Write Page” to create a whole new page.

    I believe in the sidebar.php for the default style the “author” information is commented out, so you can uncomment that.

    Thanks for your posts. Rori, you’re moving a bit fast for me. 🙂 I have some questions. Where do I find “Write Page” and specifically how do I create the link in WP and modify the sidebar.php info? I’m new to WP so most of this is greek to me. Thanks again for all your help.

    I am sorry, I am not at home to look at the WordPress files to explain what you would need to do in the author section.

    The code in your sidebar.php file to change is thisBut, all that would do is post a little thing in your sidebar about you, not an about me page.

    <!-- Author information is disabled per default. Uncomment and fill in your details if you want to use it.
    <li><h2><?php _e('Author'); ?></h2>
    <p>A little something about you, the author. Nothing lengthy, just an overview.</p>

    I think what you want is a separate page.

    I do not have an “about me” on my page, but you can go look at it, and see the ‘pages’ links at the top right to see what a page is like.

    All you have to do is to go to Write>Pages and create a About Me page (you may want to disable comment for this page). After this is done, go to Manage>Pages and you’ll see your “About Me” page there. Now you’ll see an ID column and the number there is what you should use to link to the page. For example, if the page ID is 67, your link to that page should be href=”″. And if you prefer to use relative page, the link is simply href=”?page_id=67″.
    This is what I did for my site. You can take a look at it here.

    If I’m going to use a template. Is there a way to match the
    Write Page to the template I’ll be using?

    Which template? Or do you mean theme?
    When writing pages WP automatically pulls out the “page” template.

    Yes, sorry I mean theme. I’d like to match the Write page to my theme page.

    If the theme you are using comes with a page.php, there’s no problem. If not, make a copy of your index.php and rename it page.php and you are good to go.

    Which theme are you using? In the deafult WP theme there is a page template (called page.php) and it will look exactly as the rest of your site.
    If you use a theme that doesn’t have page template, WP will pull the template from the deafult, but the styling will come from the activated theme. I know, it sounds complicated, but after a while you’ll get it 🙂
    Just try it!

    I plan on using the theme Aesthetic. It’s a variation of Trident.

    That’s fine. But what do you mean by “plan on using”? Didn’t you install it yet? ealvin, believe me, the best way to figure out a lot of things in WP is by doing it, trying… trial and error 🙂
    No answer in the forum will be as helpful as an hour spent by playing around with themes, features; writing pages, posts, comments etc.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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