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  • I am using WP 3.5, FS Contact Form and Jetpack 2.0.4. I found and read the FAQ and tried everything suggested- I tried a stock theme, and disabled all the plugins and re-enabled them one by one, until I determined Jetpack to be the cause of the “form sent, redirecting” message not appearing and redirection not working.

    Unfortunately, the functionality of my site depends on Jetpack. Since this is a fairly common plugin these days, I was wondering if issue might be something you could investigate?

    My site’s contact form is located at

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide, I am grateful for your work.

    Try this
    Edit the form page and uncheck the form redirect setting.
    Use it without redirect. Is that OK?

    Hi Mike, thanks for the answer.

    I know I can use your plugin without redirect, but I need the redirect function. The “patch” for me was deactivate Jetpack. Now I use Statpress.

    Please, hope you find a solution. Anyway, your plugins is vey very nice. Thanks for that.

    Best regards Miki, and Merry Xmas!


    I am having the same issue here. Jetpress deactivated and redirecting works fine. As soon as Jetpress is active neither redirecting nor the temporary “message sent” will work.

    I do not use Jetpack or even know how to test with Jetpack.
    I can give you some technical explanation on how the Fast Secure Contact Form redirect works:
    Normally WordPress will handle a redirect using a built in function wp_redirect.
    Because the form code is run inside a page or post via shortcode, the HTML headers are already sent. So I cannot use the wp_redirect function. The form posts back to the same page so the shortcode will execute. I have implemented a javascript redirect. Some plugins or themes conflict with the redirect javascript. When that happens, I have no workaround. Does it get stuck on the page with the redirect message and spinning progress image? If so, I can add a “click here to continue” link. If behaves otherwise, then the problem is more serious.

    If anybody has any ideas to contribute, I am willing to consider them.

    Hi all,

    I have exactly the same problem.

    The form information sends OK but the page just resets back to a blank form. So the user thinks it failed and either resends the form numerous times or quits the page and I lose the visitor.

    Its here:

    I need both Jetpack and FSCF for their respective functions but I am really struggling to make them work together!

    Otherwise I love the plugin, it answered several other needs so thanks very much for that.

    I really hope you can find a solution.

    Best regards,




    Hi Mike Challis,

    I have the same problem as described above, by ‘mikeyaka’ and the others.
    I love JetPack and love FSCF too.
    I need them working together.

    As ‘mikeyaka’ said the form information sends OK but the page just resets back to a blank form without any other information.
    So, visitors don’t know if it’s working.
    It’s annoying.

    You can see the problem here:

    We hope you can fix it.

    Good luck!!!

    Since I do not use Jetpack, can someone try a couple things?

    Test 1)
    Disable Jetpack sharing module, did the problem go away?
    If not, go ahead an enable it again.

    Test 2)
    What if you edit wp-content/plugins/jetpack.php and add my plugin to the compatibility list?

    line 407 find:

    $conflicting_plugins = array( 
    'facebook/facebook.php', // Official Facebook plugin

    insert this line after:
    'si-contact-form/si-contact-form.php', // Fast Secure Contact Form

    Does it work now?



    Hi, Mike!

    We don’t use JetPack ‘Sharing‘ module in our site so we’ve tested only the second option (editing ‘jetpack.php‘) and…

    …it has worked fine!

    Take a look again at

    * Please, ask JetPack developers team to include that line in original file jetpack.php to avoid losting it in future updates of JetPack plugin.

    You are The Guy !!!

    Thanks a lot and have a nice 2013,


    Hi Mike and Marcos,

    Yes! Test 2 (editing Jetpack.php) worked for me too.
    I just pasted that line at the bottom of the compatability list, saved it, enabled Jetpack again, tested my form and bingo! It redirects as I intended.

    Many thanks for such a quick and clear solution.

    Best wishes for 2013


    I don’t make use of the sharing portion of JetPack either, but I too can confirm the addition of the line of code to the jetpack.php file made my redirect (and subsequent sending of email from the FSCF plugin) work again with JetPack connected to for stats.

    Great thanks to Mike Challis for coming up with the quick solution!

    No, I do not think JetPack authors will add my plugin to that list because it is not a social networking plugin that prints it’s own open graph tags. If they did so, it could actually cause their own ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ modules to not have any open graph tags since my plugin does not add any.

    The JetPack ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ modules provides a feature to connect your WordPress site to popular social networks and automatically share new posts with friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo!, and Linkedin.

    There is just one problem, Jetpack uses an implementation of Open Graph meta tags which causes “Fast Secure Contact Form” plugin to have a failure to redirect after the user submits their message. (I do not know exactly why). This results in a user thinking their form was not properly submitted and they might try it again.

    JetPack has no setting to disable the ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ modules. Instead, adding this line in your functions.php should fix this particular problem and allow “Fast Secure Contact Form” redirect to work properly:

    How to disable Jetpack open graph tags

    To remove Jetpack’s open graph tags, open up your theme’s functions.php file and paste the following code.

    // remove jetpack open graph tags
    add_filter( 'jetpack_enable_open_graph', '__return_false', 99 );

    The opengraph filter controls whether the Open Graph functionality loads. Try it and let me know if it fixes the redirect problem. Only do it if you are OK with the open graph tags missing from your site.

    If you previously added my $conflicting_plugins = array hack into jetpack.php, be sure to remove it before you try this so the results can be measured accurately.

    Same for me here. I have both plugin working together now. Thanks so much!

    Xmas & Happy New Year
    Best regards.



    Hi, Mike.
    Thanks for your support but I don’t deal very well with PHP, Open Graph, many JetPack modules, etc, etc… :oP

    I prefer create a backup copy of that file in server such as ‘jetpack.php.LINE407‘ to prevent the problem in future updates of JetPack.

    Maybe another guy can test it for you and post the solution here for all of us.

    Best regards for all FSCF users and for Mike Challis in special.


    Thanks to Mike I inserted this line after:
    ‘si-contact-form/si-contact-form.php’ // Fast Secure Contact Form

    and now Fast Secure Contact Form redirect works great.

    But I do not understand the other message about open graph: “If they did so, it could actually cause their own ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ modules to not have any open graph tags since my plugin does not add any.”

    It means that ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ now wont work any more?

    I mean: is there any way to have BOTH Secure Contact Form AND ‘Publicize and ‘Sharing’ working properly together?

    Many thanks and best wishes.


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