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  • Hi there!I’m not very clear, whether i should adjust the “Expiry Time”and “Super Cache Expire time”?.The default settings are 3600 and 21600 Sec..

    Another question is:When should i delet the expired pages from the list? What kinds of result does it have?
    can someone help me?thank you very much!

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  • There’s no need to change the expiry time, or delete pages either, unless you want things to refresh more quickly.

    I have a question related to this. My site basically has a lot of pages that do not receive much traffic. And i don’t really care if they are updated all that frequently. What are the maximum values that i can set and will that have any weird performance issue with how the plug-in checks to see when the page has expired.

    So say if i put the Wp-cache setting to 1,000,000
    and the super cache setting to 2,500,000

    would that cause any issues?

    If you have a high timeout you’ll have LOTS of cached files. The more files in a directory the slower it gets to read them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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