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    I’ve just published the 1.1 upgrade to the plugin. It introduces these features :

    • Slugs and names are now fully customizable to help you make BuddyDrive your very own file sharing system *
    • Administrator now have a finer control of user's BuddyDrive quota : it can be different by WordPress roles and by users
    • From the WordPress administration, Administrator can be informed about each user's BuddyDrive usage thanks to a new column in the users list
    • The Administrator can auto-enable BuddyDrive for groups once their creation steps are completed
    • Finally it fixes a bug with the hidden groups, It's now possible to share files in this kind of groups

    * You can change the name of the plugin’s main nav by editing the title of its WordPress directory page.

    !important Although I do not recommend to edit the plugin’s slug (from the permalink field of the plugin’s WordPress page), I know some adventurers will do 😉 Be aware that customizing the slug of the plugin will result in :

    • the wpembed code used in activities, messages, etc will be broken leaving the place to obsolete links to the files or folders that were shared before the change of slug.
    • links sent by email or other external ways to the blog, will be obsoletes

    Concerning links, a function will check the original plugin slug to possibly redirect to the custom slug and avoid a 404. Be careful though because this only works once! If you change the slug 2 times, activities, messages, etc.. shared with the slug of the first change can not be recovered.
    Regarding wpembed codes scattered activities or messages, it is possible to repair by performing SQL queries as shown below.

    /* For activities (replace wp_ by your prefix) */
    UPDATE wp_bp_activity SET content = REPLACE( content, 'http://site.url/buddydrive/', 'http://site.url/new-slug/' );
    /* For messages (replace wp_ by your prefix) */
    UPDATE wp_bp_messages_messages SET message = REPLACE( message, 'http://site.url/buddydrive/', 'http://site.url/new-slug/' );

    You can use the built in WordPress plugin updater if you were already using BuddyDrive. If you’re new to it you can use the built in WordPress plugin installer to install the plugin or directly download it from the plugin’s repo page.

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  • THANK YOU @imath! I love the new updates, and just in time for our site launch!!

    One small detail: although I changed the the plugin’s slug (permalink field on the page…yes, I’m an adventurer), I still see “BuddyDrive Files”/”Shared by Friends” when I am in my own profile’s BuddyDrive.

    Plugin Contributor imath


    You’re welcome @akukskuks 😉

    These subnavs can be personnalized in the BuddyDrive settings page actually.

    AHA! Merci beaucoup!!! 🙂

    Hi where do you need to insert this code?

    Plugin Contributor imath


    Hi @investacube,

    Actually, it’s 2 sql requests you need to run in a MySQL tool such as PHPMyAdmin.

    As you’re asking this, i strongly advise you not to change the slug of the BuddyDrive WordPress page called “BuddyDrive” by default.

    🙂 probably very wise words.

    Hello imath Love your plugin. pls i have a theme call buddy for buddypress
    but BD 1.1 is not working well with it.. i would love to show you the image. I dont know how to fix it..I well send the theme full file so u can try some things…

    Hello imath Love your plugin. pls i have a theme call buddy for buddypress
    but BD 1.1 is not working well with it.. i would love to show you the image. I dont know how to fix it..I well send the theme full file so u can try some things…

    Plugin Contributor imath



    You can add a link to the screen capture if you want, i’ll check it.

    Thanks I will be send the theme file, image error link to view and download

    Plugin Contributor imath


    Don’t send the theme please. Is it a free theme or a premium one.

    If a premium, i prefer the theme author gives his “ok”.

    The screen caps are not veru usefull, once you click on the button to add a file what’s happening, do you have a ‘#’ at the end of the url or does the page reload ?

    Okay sorrt for that..
    When ever i click on the BuddyDrive tab on a profile page it just show the profile name. I get a double menu on the profile page.

    this screen caps will help.


    I’m a first time, Buddydrive user, I’ve searched your support forum and viewed the video tutorial, but I’m still stuck on a couple of things and would appreciate your help.

    Firstly, I’m the Admin of the buddypress website, and my user role on WP is correctly set, but folder access/management, (as in all of the icons on the buddypress toolbar for other users and groups), are hidden to me. Is there a way that I can view them all so that i can pre set up folders for users and groups, without having to log into each, user account individually?

    Secondly, this might seem like a stupid question, but how do you manage and upload folders/files for a group page? (Or is this again, because the icons in the toolbar are hidden from me, and I need to change a setting?

    I hope I explained that clearly enough.

    Once again, thanks for such a great plugin and I appreciate your support. 🙂

    Plugin Contributor imath


    Hi @kiwially

    The management of users files or folders is done in backend. But you can only delete files or folders and change the privacy settings for moderation considerations. Adding files to a user’s BuddyDrive is only available for the user.

    An evolution of the plugin will surely be to create shared folders where invited users can upload files in this folder.

    But i think i won’t go in the direction you describe as i doubt anyone would be happy that an admin could add files to my BuddyDrive without me knowing it..

    There’s no stupid question. BuddyDrive is attached to user. A group is a privacy setting. A way to share files with the other members. So you can only view the list of files/folders of a group. The upload is only available in user’s area.

    Hello imaths
    Pls has there been any solution to the error.

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