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    Hi Im having a problem with Bogo offers.

    I have a category which has 20 products in it. 19 of them has a campaings as;

    Buy 10 Product A and up to 19 qty – Get 1 Product A Free
    Buy 20 Product A and up to 29 qty – Get 3 Product A Free
    Buy 30 product A and up to 49 qty – Get 5 Product A Free
    And it goes like this and this will be same for another 19 different products in that category except 1 of them as I mentioned before.

    When I make a rule for only the (buy 10 get 1) I make the rule as it is on first 2 pictures and result on the 3rd picture, it works.
    1st Picture
    2nd Picture
    3rd Picture

    But when I edit the rule as on 4th and 5th picture it stops working as you can see on 6th picture.
    4th Picture
    5th Picture
    6th Picture
    Where am I doing wrong? I know there is a small point Im doing wrong but where?

    By the way Im using the free version.

    Thank you


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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