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  • First o all, Sorry my English.
    In: Configurations,options-discussion.php you will find information about your age.

    G – Suitable for all ages
    PG – Potentially offensive, usually for over 13 years
    R – For over 17 years
    X – Even more mature than above

    On PG it´s OVER.
    Otherwise….PG for those who have MORE THAN 13 years. Would not the opposite, ie, who has LESS THAN 13 years of age? Potentially offensive for who has less than 13 years old?

    Try to another way:

    Thus it assumes that for young people I can show the contents and for older people, no. There is a mismatch of an agreement, understanding or translation? Well, for me it is clear that when you say: Potentially offensive, usually for over 13 years, I can show younger.

    In Portuguese-Brazilian language are:

    G — Adequado para todas as idades
    PG — Potencialmente ofensiva, normalmente para maiores de 13 anos
    R — Para maiores de 17 anos
    X — Ainda mais adulto do que acima

    Make translation and you can see that have two ways to read the same….

    Roberto Warken, MSC
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  • Those rates are quasi based on what they use in US movies. They make about as much sense to us.

    PG – Potentially offensive, usually for over 13 years

    There’s an implied word in there 🙂 “Usually INTENDED for over 13 years” – does that make more sense?

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