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    Hi raquel_p,

    Since I don’t know what you searched for and what was available, I don’t know if what you’re seeing is a bug or just a misunderstanding of how search works. I’m not sure what you mean by “combine form fields, tags and categories”? Into a single search field?

    If you could provide a link to a site and perhaps the set of steps you followed to get here, it may help.

    Sorry, I’ll try to explain better.

    I tried to perform an advanced search using metadata, tags and categories combined with de forms of the search.

    Step 1: I registered a company
    Step 2: I accessed the advanced search
    Step 3: I selected the fields of search, as the company previously registered. (Category=floriculturas and Estado=RS)
    Step 4: Nothing appears in the results.
    Step 5: I tried other forms of search, using only the category, or just the metadata, the search still results in nothing.

    Thanks for your attemption!

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    Looking into it.

    Hi there,

    I have a question. I’m using this plugin to make a directory on my wordpress site ( I have some situations:

    1. If I search for something on my site using the wordpress built-in widget search form, I would like to see also matched result from the directory listings. Is there a solution for this problem?

    I want to show only one search form to my visitors, and not two (one for the articles and the other one for the directory listings).

    2. Is there a widget to show the directory tags?

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    Hi adisandu,

    1) A standard WP post search would not bring up directory listings in it. We have our own widgets, which you should find under Appearance->Widgets. We just added a search widget, but we can’t integrate our into a standard one because we’re a custom post type, and standard WordPress posts are not. They’re similar, but the standard widget has no clue that our posts exist.

    2) We don’t have a tag widget right now. We can look to add that in the future, though.


    Even after upgrading the plugin, I still having the same problem with the advanced search. I also found another issue: When I click in the “View Listings” button, the pagination is huge and no listing appears.

    I think that may have something to do with the fact that I use another Custom Post Type instead of Business Directory. Try to create new custom post types and see if a conflict appears.


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    Hi racquel,

    Can you please be more specific with the Advanced Search problem? What are you searching on?
    What exact criteria do you use?
    Can I see your field configuration via screenshot?
    And finally, please elaborate on the “Custom Post Type” issue…what are you doing there?

    As I explained earlier, I searched using criteria based on the entries already made.

    In this page:


    For “Categorias” I selected “Floriculturas” (this is a category) AND
    For “Estado” I selected “RS” (this is a tag)

    My field configuration:

    About “Custom Post Type Issue”, I really don’t know what is happening. The possibility of conflict with different Custom Post Types is just a hipothesis. I have 4 more different post types, as well as created by the plugin Business Directory.

    My problem is, as reported earlier, the fact that nothing appears when clicking the “View Listings” button and pagination become very large.
    Try here:

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    OK, looking into it.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Hi racquel_p,

    We tried visiting your site but the plugin appears to be deactivated now and the search form not active. Have you uninstalled it?

    The answer is here:

    Now you need to solve this problem before repairing the advanced search.

    I managed to reactivate the plugin without conflicts with other custom post types, but for this, I needed to change the permalinks.

    Now is working and you can try the advanced search, as well as the problem with the “View Listings”.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    I had my developer install the plugin you suggested above and he was able to create multiple custom post types without causing any sorts of conflicts with BD whatsoever. That doesn’t appear to be the cause of any issues.

    So at this point, I can suggest attempting to rule out a plugin conflict (which does seem likely, given the circumstances):

    Beyond that, we would need admin access to your site to dig any further into the issue. We haven’t been able to reproduce it from the instructions provided here.

    @ raquel_p

    I’m having this issue as well. What did you change your permalinks to?

    Hello Mickey, I was wrong (or cache fooled me). The problem continues. I think maybe the conflict is then related to the plugin Custom Post Type Permalinks. Do you have this plugin?

    This my second hypothesis is because of permalinks get set twice (once in the Business Directory and again in Custom Post Type Permalinks).

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