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  • I have created a wordpress file to migrate from my CMS to a wordpress blog. The wordpress XML file is well structured, and in uploads as I thought it would. The error is subtle enough that I did not notice it for a day.

    Half of the comments do not import into wordpress.

    The comments exist in the wordpress XML file. However, wordpress silently ignores them. So, for instance, if a post has 34 comments, immediately after importing wordpress will read something like

    somesuchthread.html (20 comments)

    I have looked at this forum and others and I haven’t seen anyone with a similar problem. All posts seem to show up, and all comments that show up appear to show up in the correct order. It’s as if wordpress is arbitrarily skipping about 40% of them.

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  • Hey,
    I don’t know if this matters or not, but in WordPress Import Tools, for “RSS” – it doesn’t mention importing of comments, only posts. Most of the other import options say “imports posts, comments”, etc. .. but the RSS import only says “imports posts from RSS”.

    If that’s true, it won’t be importing comments.

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